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Frequently Asked Questions 

Have a question about rainwater collection systems, installation, or harvesting rain here in Texas? View our frequently asked questions below! Don't see the answer you are looking for? Fill out our contact us form and one of our experts at Hill Country Rainwater will get back to you! 

  • Is there a warranty?
    Yes. All of our galvanized water tanks come standard with a 20 year manufacturers warranty. We give a lifetime warranty on our worksmanship (if we messed it up, we fix it free). And you'll get manufactures warranties on all the other system components such as pumps, purifiers, aerators, etc.
  • Will I have pipes running all over the outside of my house?
    No. In the vast majority of our systems the pipes are all buried underground and out of sight.
  • What about freezes?
    Though of course we can't guarantee it, most of our systems survived intact through "Snow-mageddon" 2021. And, as a bonus, our customers had water available to them while the power was out and well-only folks didn't.
  • What about algae in the water?
    The tanks are designed and built to exclude sunlight. No sunlight; no algae.
  • How much do filters and bulbs cost?
    Depending on where you get them, the sediment filter will cost about $30 each; the Carbon filter about $50 each and the UV bulb about $100 each, if you buy name brand (which we recommend).
  • What is the Ph of rain water?
    It will depend on where it is harvested but here in the Hill Country we have found it to be very close to a perfectly neutral 7.0 to slightly alkaline up to 8.0.
  • Is rain water good for plants?
    Mother Nature sure thinks so! Yes, plants, especially garden plants, thrive on rain water, particularly when it is un-filtered. (We can set up your system so your plants get the water un-filtered and the house gets filtered.)
  • What if I already have a well, can I use both rainwater and my well?
    Yes. It is typical for us to set it up so you can choose which water source you want to use for what purposes. For example, in many new construction homes we set it up so that hose bibs get well water and the house water is fed by the rain water system.
  • How hard is it to maintain a rain water system?
    Pretty easy really! You'll have to change your filters 2x per year; change your UV bulb 1x per year and clean out the filter basket 2x per year. That's it! Annually it's about one total hour.
  • How big is the tank?
    Depends on the capacity: 20K gallons is about 22' in diameter; 30k is 26.75' in diameter. Most tanks are either 7'2" or 7'6" to the eave depending on if its a "dome" roof or "pitched" roof. (Link to tank styles and colors page here)
  • Does rain water taste good?
    Yes. You'll never taste water the same way again after you've lived on rain water.
  • Can you put the tank underground?
    Yes, It's considerably more expensive, but it can be done.
  • Will I need a water softener?
    Absolutely not. Rainwater is almost completely free of dissolved solids.
  • Does my tank have to be downhill from my house?
    No. That is the preferred placement, for sure, but we can also pump water from the house to the tank if the tank needs to be placed uphill.
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